Spill & Leak-Free, Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

Say NO to leaky drink bottles, wet school bags and messy spills. 

All our drink bottles come with a spill and leak-free cap - perfect for ages 1 to 99+.

AND they keep your drinks icy cold for 24 hours and your winter drinks warm for 12 hours.


Virtually Indestructible Stainless Steel Cups and Straws

Are you over spending a small fortune on drinks for the kids when your out and about? That soggy useless paper straw that you get at the cafe?

Our super handy, virtually indestructible stainless steel cups and straws are perfect to keep in you glove box, picnic bag, hand bag, boat, caravan or anywhere really. 




I bought a couple of ecococoon water bottles for my kids for school. They are easy to clean and the no-spill valve is far more reliable than any other water bottle we've used. My son likes to take his water bottle to bed with him and the cuddler makes it nice and soft. I have since bought an ecococoon bottle for myself and I don't hesitate to recommend them.



Ecococoon stainless steel water bottles really do keep the water cool all day long, even in the heat of an Australian Summer and even when you leave it in the car!! It doesn't leak and it's super easy to use, even for my 3-year-old. This bottle is easy to clean and I love that it doesn't have a straw or other bits I need to pull apart and fiddle with. 



We have been through soooo many water bottles with our two small people (age 2 and 4) and none have compared to the kids ecococoon double insulated water bottle range. They are non-spill (an essential!), durable (they have been dropped a lot! and have never failed) and best of all they keep the water cool and because they are doubled insulated they don't sweet...which is essential in Darwins's tropical climate. We now buy them for pretty much every kid that we need a present for.


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