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November 06, 2020

A plastic’s invasion of our planet is not a scene from a scary movie. Today, it is a reality.

 If we want to save our planet, each and one of us has to take action. Simple choices and decisions that we make every day can truly make a difference if they are done consistently.

 Keep reading to learn some simple ways to reduce plastic waste in our daily lives.

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Reducing the consumption of plastic is a lot easier than it seems. Here are some ways to change your life and the life of our planet:

1. Bring a cloth bag with you every time you go shopping
Most of us go to the supermarket or shops at least once a week. If every time we go shopping we use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, it will drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Remember to take your reusable bag with you when leaving the house.
2. Buy fewer packaged products and more bulk food
Plastic wrapping, polystyrene trays, PET bottles, and tetra paks have taken over supermarket shelves. However, you can always choose to buy in bulk to waste less plastic packaging.
3. Say no to single-use plastics
Single-use plastics, such as straws, plates, and cutlery may seem to make our lives easier, but they can seriously harm the planet. To reduce plastic waste, always choose multiple-use utensils and plates if you can.
4. Replace plastic plastic with steel or glass containers
If you bring your lunch to work, chances are you use plastic containers. We recommend you change your routine and give glass or stainless steel containers a try. The planet will thank you. In addition, some types of plastic may have negative effect on your own health.
5. Recycle chewing gum
Did you know that most chewing gum on the market today contains plastic? Stop buying  chewing gum and, if you do, throw it out in the right recycling bin. You can also opt for organic and natural chewing gums.
6. Put your plastic waste in the correct recycling bin
As obvious as it sounds, many of us don’t pay enough attention to recycle the plastic properly. Before throwing anything away, take a moment to think where each item has to go.
7. Give plastics a second life
If you have no choice but to purchase a plastic container or a plastic bottle in the supermarket, don’t throw it away. Try to reuse plastic items as many times as possible in order to reduce waste.
8. Spread the word
In addition to reducing your own plastic consumption, you can educate your friends and family of the importance of reducing plastic pollution.
9. Pay attention to little things
Even a little thing like using wooden pegs instead of plastic ones can have a major positive impact on the health of our planet. Avoid using cosmetics that contain microplastics and opt for natural fabrics when choosing your clothing.
10. Invest in high quality stainless steel drink bottles and cups and straws from Ecococoon
Virtually indestructible stainless steel drink bottles, cups, and straws from Ecococoon will serve you for years to come and eliminate the need to buy plastic water bottles and disposable plastic cups and straws ever again.

Take a Step Toward Sustainable Future with Ecococoon

If you have been thinking about the ways to reduce plastic waste, today is the best time to start implementing the changes into your life! You can take the first step by saying No to plastic bottles and exploring some of the amazing stainless steel bottles and cups from Ecococoon.