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The Collection

Bottles (cocoons™)

Our range of bottles are called the cocoons™ as just like a cocoon they protect and nurture.

Our cocoons™ are:

  • available in an array of striking designs and colours.
  • double-walled and insular, keeping drinks chilled in summer up to 24 hours, and drinks warm in winter up to 12 hours. They are resistant to fruit juice acids, sports drinks, alcohol, and essentially any beverage. 
  • available in three convenient sizes including 350ml (11.8 oz), 500ml (16.9oz), and 600ml (20.3oz) capacity. 
  • designed for children (12months +) and adults.
  • equipped with a revolutionary and innovative cap & lid (cocooncap™), integrating a one-way flow valve medically engineered and industrially designed to deliver a smooth, safe, and drip-free drinking experience. This also means your drink bottle requires no germy straws or sippers, no twisting, popping or pulling with teeth. Our cocooncap™ is the most hygienic, convenient and simple way to enjoy your beverage. 

We guarantee it will never leak if you follow our instructions for care.  This is why the cocoon™ is the ULTIMATE drink bottle!

Bottle Cuddlers

Our bottle cuddlers™ are made from neoprene material (similar to wetsuits) - use our bottle cuddlers™ for protection from general wear and tear. 

Screw Top Lid

The screw top lid with carabiner is an alternative to the cocooncap™. We recommend the screw top lid to be used with hot drinks.


Our Cup collection comprises of our High Polished Stainless Steel cup with an individual cup capacity of 350 ml or 11.8 oz which are available as singles or sets of four, complete with their own cup cuddler for protection. Easily stackable and transportable, they are suitable for everyday or occasional use!

The Retro Cups are a nod to the traditional cola cup with a individual cup capacity of 375ml or 13 oz and is available as a twin pack.

Our painted cups are also perfect for any cold drink, however hand washing is recommended.

Cup Cuddlers

The cup cuddlers™ provide an easy way to store your cups for travel and everyday portability. Each cup cuddler™ stores 4-6 cups. The draw string and toggle is a simple and very effective design.  Place in a picnic hamper, car glovebox, back pack or anywhere.

Bottle Mouthpiece & Lid (cocooncap™)

Our cocooncap™ (cap & lid with soft touch mouthpiece) is available in a choice of colours, so you can personalise your bottle to suit your individual taste or design sense.

Our cocooncap™ provides drinking pleasure. It makes drinking easy with a fast flow of liquid. Once sucking pressure ceases, the valve closes off. This ensures no contaminants and no leaking. Please do not remove the valve as it has been securely placed in the cocoon bottle.

Our cocooncap™ is recommended and perfect for cold drinks.

Our cocooncap™ is also sold separately just in case it forgets to come home from school or your dishwasher gets hungry!

Our cocooncap™ has a soft touch mouthpiece made from a compound that is excellent for over-mould adhesion to Polypropylene.  The compound is RoHS Compliant, FDA approved and BPA free.  The mouthpiece has been designed as an over mould on the polypropylene cap frame.  

Our cocooncap™ has been designed to withstand wear and tear. The soft touch compound is very durable, flexible, and resilient. It is therefore 100% unlikely that it will fail and become a safety hazard through normal everyday use. In the event the soft touch compound is excessively chewed over long periods (eg. a child with a very bad habit !), this will simply expose the rigid polypropylene mouthpiece frame which is safe.  

It is impossible to chew large pieces of the soft touch compound.  Hence, there are no safety concerns with ingestion or choking. The internal one way valve has been inserted and locked into the cap through high quality assurance assembly. We guarantee 100% safe insertion.   The design includes a 4-way cross hair in the mouthpiece for 100% safety.  This eliminates any risk of large (3mm+) foreign objects exiting through the mouthpiece of the ‘cocooncap’.