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Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles -Australia

An ecococoon water bottle is the ideal companion to help you quench your thirst. Featuring double-walled insulation, our drink bottles maintain optimal temperatures to keep your cold drink cooler for up to 24 hours.

A spill-proof lid ensures that school bags stay dry—no more soggy homework or damp school jumpers. Kids will love our range of bright fun colours and prints, and parents rave about how easy they are to clean. BPA-free, these insulated water bottles are the hero every kid needs in their backpack.

How do Ecococoon’s Insulated Water Bottles work?

The secret to keeping drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours lies in the double-walled design of our drink bottles. This fully insulated design means it takes longer for liquids to change temperature. Often drink bottles will warm up their contents, making drinks unpalatable. Our water bottles ensure that your child is drinking enough liquids throughout the hot days, enjoying every refreshing mouthful right to the last drop.

Insulated Water Bottles with Leak Proof Lids

It’s never good when things spring a leak. That’s why we’ve designed our water bottles to have leak-proof, spill-proof lids. A one-way valve in the spout keeps liquids from leaking out, saving you the hassle of unexpected clean-ups.

How to clean an Insulated Water Bottle

For best and long-lasting results, gentle cleaning is the most effective way to ensure your ecococoon products are always in great shape.

Due to the high heat from dishwashers, we recommend hand-washing each piece in warm, soapy water, before rinsing in hot water and allowing it to drip dry. This method will keep our vacuum insulation and illustrations in excellent condition for many years to come.

Are Insulated Water Bottles Safe for Kids to use?

Ecococoon Insulated Water Bottles are designed especially for kids. With loads of eye-catching and bright colours and prints, our water bottles soon become favourites and will go everywhere your child goes.

To ensure they are 100% safe, we have used non-toxic paint on all our designs, as we know some kids love to chew or explore with their mouths. Each bottle is easy for a child to drink from, yet can be safely added to any backpack due to their leak-proof design.

How long do Insulated Water Bottles last?

Forget about having to renew water bottles at alarming rates due to inevitable cracks or leaks. Our Insulated Water Bottles are built to last! They are made from stainless steel and will withstand any bumps or accidental drops.

If the lid does happen to break, replacement lids are available for purchase. Overall, you’ll be able to save the money that would usually be spent on replacing your cheaper, plastic water bottles, as well as make better choices to benefit our planet.