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October 13, 2021

These days, people are becoming more environmentally aware and conscious of their decisions. As the movement for healthier earth pushes forward, consumers are looking for better alternatives for using plastic products. Stainless steel is an excellent substitute for plastic containers.

Often used as food storage, the non-porous, non-tarnishing material has taken the world by storm. Using it is not only convenient but also sustainable and hygienic. But how do people benefit from stainless steel lunch boxes? Here are a few things to learn about them.

Non-Toxic Material

Bisphenol-A, more commonly known as BPA, is a chemical present in various polycarbonate plastic products, includingwater bottles and food storage containers. As people become more conscious of the materials that go hand-in-hand with their food, using containers of other materials aside from plastic is becoming a more common practice. 

Stainless steel lunch boxes have gained popularity over the years as these storage containers do not have harmful BPA, making them a preferred material used in food safekeeping. It is not an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, giving more reasons to consider it as the better choice for health-conscious individuals.

Better Food Safety

Although plastic containers are more convenient in terms of availability, durability, and use, stainless steel containers can outweigh most qualities by promoting food safety.

Stainless steel is made with an outer layer of chromium,an element responsible for its lustrous shine and strength. But besides the added aesthetics and durability, chromium also prevents corrosion, saving people’s food from getting in contact with rust. Those using stainless steel containers shouldn’t worry about the quality of their food.

Reusable Features

Stainless steel is an ideal choice for food storage due to its non-porous properties. Besides the possibility of getting to use it for years, stainless steel does not easily rust or oxidise. In effect, people have more time to use them until they wear out. Unlike plastic lunch boxes, stainless steel lunch boxes are not harmful to dispose of after years of use.


Stainless steel lunch boxes are not only good for your health, but they are also environmentally friendly. It’s a known fact that the use of plastics poses disastrous effects on the environment. As the material is not biodegradable, it may end up in oceans as microplastics, possibly endangering marine life.

Keep in mind that stainless steel lunch boxes have a long lifespan. Besides, they are also recyclable materials that do not end up in the environment after extended use. After all, it would be beneficial to save the environment while enjoying the food you love the most, right?

Land Fertility

The correlation between stainless steel lunch boxes and land fertilisation may be too off. But if you’d think of it, using a non-toxic material instead of plastic may promote a healthier land where plants can grow. As91 per cent of plastic isn’t recycled, it would be more helpful to use products that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle instead of further hampering the land.

Stainless steel does not have any toxins that can accumulate on land and in the oceans. Unlike plastic, it is safer to dispose of because it can be broken down into smaller pieces and extracted to use elsewhere.


It’s never too late to change your habits and make a difference. Even if people use plastic lunch boxes for a long time, switching to a healthier and environmentally-friendly alternative may not be too late yet. Instead, let’s all try to inform everyone of the harmful effects of using plastic lunch boxes and make the switch today.

Ecococoon, an environmental company from Australia, believes that using reusable and sustainable materials can help the environment recover from years of abuse. As people become more mindful of what goes into their meals, we’re asking everyone to make a switch to BPA-free and non-toxic alternatives for food storage. Check out ourinsulated drink bottles today and make the change now!