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December 23, 2021

It’s common knowledge that most kids don’t really like healthy stuff. They shy away from it for some reason, and as parents, you need to do something about it. Why? Because kids need nutrition so that their mind and body will remain healthy.

If you’re having trouble encouraging your child eat the healthy packed lunch you’ve prepared for them, here are a few simple tips and tricks to make them do so: 

Tip #1: Keep the Lunch Simple and Wholesome

When preparing their lunches, try to avoid foods with ingredients that you and your child can’t identify, spell or know the origin they’re created from, like the flavours, sweeteners and preservatives. Don’t make their lunch too complicated because that may turn them off. Remember, kids don’t like complicated things and flavours, so make their lunch wholesome and straightforward while still considering nutrition. Go for quick, simple and nourishing meals and foods instead. 

Tip #2: Make It Visually Attractive

Kids love attractive things. They are more encouraged to eat if they see their food is fun, exciting or interactive. Just so you know, they are biologically programmed to be distrustful of new foods, so make sure that you’re not giving them something they’re not familiar with. If needed, make sure to make it visually appealing. Try to shape the food to what they’re interested in with a cookie-cutter. You can also add notes as an extra touch. 

Tip #3: Make Sure the Texture Is Appealing

Sometimes, children won’t eat the food because of the texture, not because of the flavour. Some don’t like a particular texture, so they leave their food untouched. So, as much as possible, ensure that the food is cooked, cut, mashed or blended according to your child’s preferences so that they will eat what you’ve prepared for them. 

Tip #4: Give Them On-the-Go Foods

As you know, kids are naturally hyper. They will not sit still at their table just to focus on eating. They will eventually stand, move, climb, socialise and explore their environment during their break period. So, when you pack their lunches, consider giving them foods that they can eat with one hand. Also, prepare bite-sized snacks and serve foods that don’t require heating. 

Tip #5: Get Your Children Involved in the Preparation

Your kids will love their lunches more if they knew they were part of the making process. They will most likely finish their lunches until the very last bite since they will have a sense that what they’ve prepared is delicious. So, when preparing their meals, try to get them involved. It will not only make them eat the food they’ve prepared, but it will also help them develop invaluable skills such as confidence, responsibility, independence, creativity, organisation and more. 

Since preparing their lunches will take time, plan and do it at least the night before. 


Preparing your kid’s lunch itself is already challenging, and making them eat it even more so. But, with the help of our tips and tricks, your child will enjoy their packed lunch. Also, make sure to use their favourite lunch box so they’ll get excited opening and eating the healthy food you’ve put together.

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