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November 17, 2021

Whether you’re a parent with a child that brings home-cooked meals to school or you’re a thrifty adult who enjoys your culinary experiments, high-quality lunch boxes and portable drinkware is a must. But are you sure that you are using safe, toxic-free, and eco-friendly products to house your delicious lunches?

Keep reading to find out why and stainless steel lunch boxes are the best food containers you’ll ever use.


Our bento boxes are designed to be leak-free. With our removable silicone seal in the lid, you can be assured that your lunch won’t spill. 

By having a lunch box that is leak-free, it keeps your food fresher for longer. This also ensures any liquids from moving into other compartments. If you like dressing or sauce on your lunch, we also sell dressing pots for thin liquids such as soy sauce or salad dressing.

Keeps Food Fresh

If you’re someone who gets the munchies throughout the day, packing healthy snacks can save your wallet and waistline. If you bring your carrot and celery sticks in a resealable bag, they will likely end up mushed and inedible. But if you keep them in a stainless lunch box, you can enjoy them any time! 

Stainless steel lunch boxes can keep your veg fresh and crispy, so you’ll have a nice healthy snack whenever you need it—you don’t have to worry about any mashed veggies.

Tip: If you fancy a salad for lunch, you can put the vegetables in your lunchbox with the dressing in a small container. When you’re ready to eat, pour the dressing on the salad, close the lid, shake the whole thing, and voila, you have a freshly tossed salad!

Safe from Toxins

BPA is a chemical used to make plastic food containers and lunch boxes sturdy. However, the same chemical is toxic to people and can cause many health problems, from developmental issues in foetuses to cardiovascular diseases. 

Steel lunch boxes don’t pose the same dangers to people because they are BPA-free and food-safe containers.

Prevents Bacterial Growth

Hard plastic food containers can accumulate a foul smell over time—it comes from bacterial and mould growth in the container that can’t be washed away. The disturbing thing is that a large colony of bacteria needs to settle in the container before you can detect any trace of rancid odour. This means you may be using a bacteria breeding box to store your food.

Steel lunch boxes are bacteria-free, easy-to-clean, and dishwasher-safe food containers. You can quickly put them through a dishwasher’s sanitise cycle or usecommon household ingredients to sanitise them.


Packing your lunch has a lot of benefits. One, you save money from buying takeaway. Two, you improve on your cooking skills. Lastly, you get to sport awesome stainless steel drink bottles and lunch boxes.

Stainless steel lunch boxes are excellent food container options because they keep the food warm and fresh for a long time. Additionally, they are BPA-free, bacteria-free, and easy-to-sanitise containers that can keep you safe and healthy.

If you’re looking for the best stainless steel lunch ware and drink bottles in Australia, Ecococoon has got your back. We are an environmental company that believes people can enjoy high-quality products while living sustainable and eco-friendly lives. Browse our shop and make the switch tostainless steel drink bottles and food containers today!