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BPA Free

BPA is a nasty chemical that leaches out of plastic. We wanted to make sure that you can drink without risk, which is another reason we chose to use 18/8 stainless steel.

18/8 Stainless Steel

A good quality water bottle means a lot less plastic in the landfill. Ecococoon know that you want your bottle to last, so we’ve made our bottles out of 18/8 stainless steel to give you a hardwearing, long-lasting bottle with a great work ethic.

No Twisting to Drink

When you are really thirsty you don’t need any barriers between you and refreshment. That’s why we’ve abolished the pulling and twisting that goes on with traditional water bottles. Not having to put your paws all over the mouthpiece is also a lot more hygienic, which is always a bonus isn't it?

No Teeth Pulling to Open

No straws or sippers not only means no germs, it also means no need for emergency dentistry! With some bottles taking a sip is like pulling teeth, but The Cocoon Cap™ makes rehydration easy and painless.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

We’re not sure you know this, but bacteria are big fans of straws and the sippers on your water bottle. The boffins at Ecococoon have foiled the bacteria by ditching the straws and manufacturing a revolutionary one-way valve that delivers delicious refreshment, minus the nasties.

Condensation Free

Ever had a bottle slip right out of your hand...make the papers in your bag wet or drip a messy puddle on your desk? Ecococoon bottles are double walled making them super insulated, but best of all they keep the liquids on the inside where you want them!

Vacuum Insulated

Because our bottles are double walled vacuum insulated (sometimes called thermally insulated!), whatever the temperature liquid you place inside will be the temperate of the liquid for up to 24 hours (cold) and 12 hours (warm).

Leak and Spill Proof

If the point of a water bottle is to contain fluids, why is it that so many end up leaking? This is frustrating and we don’t want you to go through it anymore, so we’ve engineered a unique cap and lid (The Cocoon Cap™) that won’t leak or spill. 

Suitable for Children

Our bottles are suitable for children from 12 months (under parental supervision!) all the way up to the BIG kids at heart!