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Scot Farley Industrial Designer

Scot Farley is  the chief pioneer and designer of the innovative cap and lid (the cocoon cap™). He prides himself in the development of this highly functional and unique product, which offers ultimate value to the end user.

Scot believes that this product has allowed ecococoon to gain a competitive advantage over other brands in the marketplace. Scot’s expertise in industrial design was clearly demonstrated from his ability to develop a new product that was compatible with the existing stainless steel bottle (the cocoon™), easy to use, and safe for adults and children as young as one.

Scot achieves great satisfaction working with Libby and the team at ecococoon, as it has enabled him to push the boundaries in drink technology, as well as offered him the opportunity to bring a concept to commercial reality.

Libby says, ”When developing the cocooncap, Scot was the one and only Industrial Designer willing and committed to develop the features we were wanting. His love of invention and willingness to provide a solution won us over in everyway. The amount of energy and thought Scot provides to ecococoon is commendable. He is worth is weight in gold!”

Scot also keeps busy running his own business operation at F3 Industrial Design and serving other customers seeking highly innovative and functional solutions for their commercial designs.

Kylee Burgess Illustration

After studying Visual Communications, New Zealand born Kylee began her artistic career working as an illustrator for John Sands Australia. “My illustrative style developed from years of drawing interesting and odd little character for greeting cards. “

A lover of traditional pen and ink, Kylee enjoys handwriting in all of its forms – from beautiful calligraphy to messy doodles. Using her expressive handwriting style she creates logos and adds a unique flare to her illustration and graphic design.

Kylee says, “I spend a lot of time with ink on my hands, I know I’ve done a good days work when my fingers are covered in it!”

Kylee has designed all of ecocoon’s bottle and cup illustrations. We love what she creates for us. She has been with ecococoon from the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting designs from Kylee – our very talented Illustrator.

Toby Director of Happiness

Toby Versace, although not contributing financially or really anything of operational importance, he is key to the everyday operations of ecococoon. He keeps us amused, entertains and sleeps quite often. He is the star and inspiration to our 500ml Sausage Dog cocoon bottle. Although not a sausage dog – he is long and vertically challenged.

Toby listens, contemplates, doesn’t argue and gives true happiness to us all.

Libby Versace Owner and Managing Director

Libby Versace launched ecococoon in July 2009. The release of ecococoon’s first product of stainless steel cups made many Australian’s reminisce about the old anodised cups in vinyl zip covers. The stainless steel bottle range was later released in October 2011.

Libby’s extensive experience in the Australian travel and airline industry in sales and having her own business while residing in Hong Kong for 10 years provided the fundamentals for ecococoon.

Design, form and functionality is what Libby strives to achieve with ecococoon products. She is constantly seeking new ideas of products with an eco-friendly focus. Designing products that do make a difference with the environment and perform for everyday use.